Karen MurphyPresident’s letter, Decmber 23rd 2020

Dear Friends

I’m sure all the cards we are receiving say the same, ‘it’s been a hard year’. For some of our colleagues in AHPCC, it’s been very tough with job losses and reduced hours. I am very conscious of hospices having to make hard decisions, but really bringing as much pressure to bear as possible to maintain a high standard of spiritual care provision through trained, skilled people like yourselves. If anything, this time has truly shown the creative and supportive nature of our work and efforts.

As you are now aware, we have waived the membership fee for the coming year and our conference will be online sessions of a high standard. More details will be available soon but we are looking for interaction from yourselves with clips, photos, stories to include during the sessions. There will be a lot to reflect on of course.

The chaos continues to astound us in terms of national pictures, but I know that chaplaincy and spiritual care is holding its own and this is seen in the wide range of resources and events that we have all been part of, to help people through Christmas. Most Light up a Life events have been online. As this has helped those unable to get to the event usually, streaming the service will probably continue into the future. I took part in a local funeral director’s online remembrance event last week and there is so much appreciation of this kind of thing being made available. So, good things are coming out of this terrible time in some ways. We can’t pretend, however, that it’s been anything less than daunting, exhausting and dreadful as we have all been witness to so much sadness during this year.

I really urge us all to take time for ourselves if possible, for restoration and refreshment. We all find this through different ways, but we need to do it, not just tell others that they should rest. Walk, sleep, paint, write, knit, do whatever we can to give balance and peace to our weary minds and bodies.

As ever, please be in touch with me, the executive group and one another for a chat and support. I’ve really enjoyed gate crashing some regional group meetings recently, so if your group is meeting in the New Year, drop me a line and I’ll be happy to join you for a chat and catch up with everyone.

All good wishes for Christmas and the New Year when it comes


Karen Murphy
AHPCC President, 23rd December 2020

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