8th July 2020: Latest News

Healthcare Chaplains are used to working quietly, often behind the scenes, so it’s not often we appear on the BBC News. It was good to see the recent in-depth article on the BBC News Channel, not only on the different ways in which chaplains work in different parts of the world, but also a good length interview with Karen Murphy on behalf of the AHPCC, and of UK healthcare chaplains in general, and with UN recognition for chaplaincy, as represented by UN Special Rapporteur Ahmed Shaheed, highlighting the significant spiritual care needs associared with the Covid-19 outbreak.
As the lockdown is beginning to ease, at least for the present, there are many lessons to learn, not least the importance of spiritual care.

NB: At present, a lot of new information is arriving. Please scroll down to be sure you haven’t missed anything – it’s all in date order.

President’s letter

Karen has just written her latest update, which you can find on the President’s page. 08/07/2020

‘Thought for the day’ from Tom Gordon

Tom Gordon, former AHPCC president, would have been our Conference Chaplain. He’s writing a regular ‘thought for the day’…
You can find Tom’s thought for today here.
Over the last seven days:
July 7; July 6; July 3; July 2; July 1.
If you would like to access Tom’s earlier daily thoughts, you can find them all on his website at ‘swallowsnest’. 08/07/2020

New publication

Congratulations to AHPCC Exec member Leon Dundas, who has contributed a chapter to the newly-published ‘Colorizing Restorative Justice’. At present, this has only been published in the US, and is available in the UK as an e-book only. The black lives matter campaign has brought racism and justice concerns to the forefront in recent weeks, and as healthcare professionals we ought to be especially aware of and responsive to equality and diversity issues. You can find out more about this book on our books and reviews page. 06/07/2020

Freedom to Speak champions

Steve Nolan of Princess Alice Hospice would like to contact any Freedom to Speak champions in their hospice? If you are a Freedom to Speak champion in your hospice, or want to know more, please get in touch with Steve via this link. 03/07/2020

‘Post-Slavery Syndrome’ module

Post-Slavery Syndrome: Exploring The Clinical Impact Of The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. This is an online training module, looking at the impact of the transatlantic slave trade from a psychotherapeutic perspective, and how its legacy affects our clinical practice today.  Provided by Confer UK, there is free access until July 31st.  29/06/2020

ERICH Research into Chaplaincy during the Covid-19 pandemic

In early June we promoted the ERICH research into the role of chaplaincy during the Covid-19 crisis. The survey phase is now complete, and we received this reply:
We are very grateful to share with you that the Survey of chaplain activities during the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic was completed by 1657 participants! We hope to share the first results with you soon. But for now we would like to say to everyone who participated, and to everyone who helped to disseminate the survey: thank you very much!  The survey truly was worldwide. Chaplains from 37 countries participated. Of the participants 44% came from North America and almost as many came from Europe. Over 12% came from Australia. Other participants came from Asia, Africa and South America.
With warm regards,
 Professor Anne Vandenhoeck, KU Leuven, Belgium director of ERICH
 Professor Austyn Snowden, Napier University, Scotland, senior researcher ERICH
 Joost Verhoef, chaplain OLVG Amsterdam, Netherlands, coordinator ERICH. 24/06/2020

Training Events

We’re beginning to get notice of training events again – not surprisingly these are webinars that you can attend online, but if you’re interested (and maybe needing to boost your CPD!) it’s worth keeping an eye on the Training Events page – we’ll try to make it clear whether or not an event is online. 19/06/2020

Humanist UK Memorial Service

Humanist UK is holding a National Memorial Ceremony on June 23rd (marking three months since the lock-down) to create a space for everyone – non-religious and religious alike – who has been impacted by loss at this time. 19/06/2020

BBC News Interview

Well done to Karen Murphy for her contribution on the BBC News Channel and World News this morning (June 17th) as part of a longer article on the role of chaplaincy around the world responding to Covid-19 – as well as Karen’s contribution, it was so good to see the wider view and also UN recognition for the part that healthcare chaplains play, and should be allowed to play! If you missed it, you may still be able to catch it on BBC iPlayer, on the 10.00 News Chaneel recording, about 35 minutes in. 17/06/2020

Book Review

There’s a new member’s review of Douglas Pett’s (2015) ‘The healing tradition of the New Testament’. You can find this on our Book and Journal Reviews page. 17/06/2020

New Vacancy

St Andrew’s Hospice in Airdrie have posted a vacancy for a Band 6 Chaplain. There’s more details on our Current Vacancies page. 16/06/2020

Trinity Sunday hymn

As a reminder that the calendar continues to move on, regardless of lockdowns and Covid-19 updates, Tom Gordon’s also composed ‘The Faces of God’ – a new hymm for Trinity Sunday (this coming Sunday, June 7). You can download a copy from our Poetry, Prayers and Hymns page. 02/06/2020

Book Review

There’s a new book review of Caperon et al (2017) ‘A Christian Theology of Chaplaincy’ on the Reviews Page. 29/05/2020

Covid-19 Latest and NHS Visiting Guidelines

With many new items about Covid-19 appearing, there is now a dedicated Section on our News Page, where you can find them all in one place.
We’ve had quite a number of items relating to the exceptional circumstances arising from the Covid-19 outbreak, some relating to difficulties over holding funerals, others on how to manage anxiety generated by concern over the Covid-19 outbreak, and the difficulties we currently face in offering patient and family support at a time when they need it most. The latest items are the current NHS Compassionate Visiting guidelines (see below) and a reflection by Keith Anderson, on chaplaincy work in care homes.
Simon Harrison of the CHCC has been asking for responses to the latest NHS England Compassionate Visiting guidelines. If you would like to feed back to him, you can either do so direct to the CHCC, or via Karen at president@ahpcc.org.uk. While we clearly welcome any move towards supporting families and patients at a difficult time, it may not only confuse chaplains with faith leaders, rather than an integral part of healthcare, but its definition of spiritual care in purely religious terms overlooks the spiritual needs of many people who aren’t religious. 19/05/2020

The UKBHC has also circulated some ethical guidelines relating to Covid-19, and literature relating to them, to all healthcare chaplains.
You can access all these on our News Page – Coronavirus section. 19/05/2020

New Music

Dr Warry, of St Luke’s, York has passed a couple of new songs to us. “ResoundWorship has just released two new songs which may be of interest to hospice chaplains, as they reflect on grief, loss and bereavement in what I feel is an accessible and comforting style.”
They are. You can find links to both of them on our Poems, Prayers and Hymns page. 19/05/2020

2020 AGM

As this year’s Annual Conference couldn’t take place, we held the 2020 AGM via Zoom. Twenty-nine members attended, with five apologies. We’ll post the minutes in due course, but would like to thank our retiring Exec members Chris and Stuart for all their hard work and support throughout their terms of office, acknowledge Carol’s change in role from Conference Organiser to Secretary, and welcome Lucyann to the Exec. 14/05/2020

Ramadan Research

The British Islamic Medical Association has recently published some research findings on the medical impact of Ramadan. You can access a copy on our Multifaith resources page. 11/05/2020

Baby Funerals

The loss of a baby is always incredibly painful and we’re grateful to Mark Stobert of the CHCC for providing some resources which may be of help. You can find these in the Funerals page. 11/05/2020

Chaplaincy Champions

Publicity for recruiting support for the chaplaincy role is now available on our Patient Care page. 11/05/2020

Conference Arrangements

Because of Covid-19, this year’s Annual Conference was cancelled, and The Hayes has used our deposit to cover next year (May 17-19 2021) – do save the dates. We are returning this year’s payments – please contact our Treasurer, Margery Collin. If you are currently home-based, please let Margery have your revised contact details (i.e. home email and phone) at membership@ahpcc.org.uk. 11/05/2020

Research Request

Austyn Snowden and Iain Telfer are involved with ERICH (European Research Institute for Chaplains in Healthcare) and several UK hospices, trialling the Chaplaincy PROM (Performance Related Outcome Measures), to provide a validated tool capable of demonstrating the effectiveness of chaplaincy provision. As we have to justify our role within healthcare, this is well worth supporting. Please check out the links on our Research Page. Iain or Austyn are both very willing to tell you more.

AHPCC Membership

Is your AHPCC membership paid up and current? If you wish to join the AHPCC or renew your membership, you can download the Membership Form here. Membership is for the calendar year, but applications received after October 1 will cover the new year.

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