23rd October 2020: Go Regional?

For many years, the AHPCC has encouraged Regional Groups where chaplains can meet for mutual support, exchange ideas, and share training input – each group sets its own content. Uptake varies – some groups struggle and fold, others thrive; but where they work, they are highly valued. This year, where face-to-face hasn’t been possible, meetings are mostly online, shorter but more frequent – perhaps responding to greater felt need for support, and with no need to travel. If you don’t have an active group, why not start one, simply by setting a regular time with chaplaoins from neighbouring hospices/units; this might be a very good time to do so. As well as direct email contact, which you will need, the website can act as your noticeboard – do let us know what’s happening in your area.

‘Thought for the day’ from Tom Gordon

Tom Gordon is a former AHPCC president. You can find Tom’s thought for today here.
Recent thoughts: October 22; October 21; October 20; October 19; October 18; October 17.

If you would like to access Tom’s earlier daily thoughts, you can find them all on his website at ‘swallowsnest’. 23/10/2020

Manchester Metropolitan University research into ‘Social Distance, Digital Congregation: British Ritual Innovation under Covid-19’

Dr Eleanor O’Keeffe is seeking input from hospice and palliative care chaplains, on experience, coping, and innovation in response to the limitations imposed by the pandemic, to “record these experiences, so we can learn from them in the future.” She asks for help with a short survey, also to help disseminate it to faith communities, and for help with a chaplaincy-based case study. You can find links for more information on our Research Page. 21/10/2020

‘Five Spiritual Strengths Your Patients Might Be Pursuing’

EAPC (the European Association for Palliative Care) has just published a very useful article on spiritual care, highlighting the significance of spiritual need and the importance of non-denominational specialist spiritual care. This is part of a series on the subject, and you can access the report on the EAPC website here, as well as links to other items in the series. It is especially pertinent at a time when spiritual care seems to be being devalued in some English hospices. 14/10/2020

Spiritual Care promotion

Andy Barton, at Rowcroft Hospice, has shared some very useful spiritual care publicity – three leaflets and a YouTube video – designed for use with staff, families, and hospice promotion. You can find them all in our Practical Resources – Spiritual Care section. Given recent instances of a lack of spiritual care awareness, these are a valuable resource. 13/10/2020

COVID-EOLC England (NHS ENGLAND & NHS IMPROVEMENT – X24) Palliative and End of Life Care Biweekly Webinars

Karen Murphy is one of the speakers at the next webinar on October 15th, ‘Focusing on Ambition 3 – Maximising comfort and wellbeing’. If you wish to go on the mailing list to receive an invitation, please contact the PEoLC Practitioners Network by emailing Sherree.Fagge@nhs.net. 06/10/2020

Transforming Chaplaincy, ‘This Narrow Space’

Dr Elisha Waldman reflects on palliative care experience in Jerusalem. This is a US-based webinar, which will start (we think) at 7.00pm here. Links to more information and booking are on our Training Events page. 02/10/2020

University of York research into children’s spiritual palliative care

Professor Bryony Beresford is leading a University of York research project into spiritual palliative care for children and young people. This is the first study of chaplaincy funded by the Department of Health’s National Institute for Health Research. You can find more information on our Research page. 02/10/2020

‘Hope in a Crisis’ reprint.

Vivienne Manley’s ‘Hope in a Crisis’ published back in the spring, has been much in demand. An updated version should be reprinted and available this month. Accessing this e-copy will let you see where you can put labels to personalise them for your own use. There are a few changes in order to make it more suitable for use with Staff. For more information, or to place an order, email Vivienne. 02/10/2020

‘The Courage of Compassion’

The RCN commissioned this Kings Fund report into wellbeing within the nursing profession, it offers insightful reading to aid more effective staff support. You can access a link to the report on our Key Publications page. 02/10/2020

Chaplaincy Everywhere, ‘Wellbeing+Chaplaincy+Faith’

Chaplaincy Everywhere, a Methodist initiative, is hosting a morning webinar on October 8th. The theme concerns chaplains’ relationship to wellbeing, in both giving and receiving. There’s a link to more information and for booking a place on our Training Events page. 29/09/2020

Covid-19 Latest Information

Posts relating to Covid-19 tailed off over the summer, but with the current sharp rise in reported infections, don’t forget that we have a dedicated Section on our News Page, where you can find everything Covid-related in one place. 29/09/2020

CHCC Annual Conference, ‘Together in the time of Covid-19’

The CHCC has put together an online two-afternoon conference to run on October 20-21, as well as providing useful training and support, together with accompanying reading it’s worth 9 CPD points that will be hard to come by this year.
You can download the poster here and there’s also a link for applications on our Training Events page. 22/09/2020

President’s letter

Karen has just written her latest letter, which you can find on the President’s page. 10/09/2020

‘Rethinking Accompaniment at the End of Life’

St Mary’s University is hosting this evening webinar on September 28, looking at how Covid-19 has affected end of life care, and what we have learned from the experience. There is a very strong line-up pf contributors, and you can find a link to more information and how to apply on our Training Events page. 07/09/2020

‘Salt in a Secular Society’ by Jacki Thomas

Jacki Thomas was a hospice chaplain for some years and went on to take her PhD (‘Voicing the spiritual: a dynamic exploration and analysis of the role of the chaplain in English hospices’). She has now used stories from her research material as the basis for ‘Salt in a Secular Society’ – an exploration of discipleship in secular contexts geared to a more general readership. You can find more information in our Books and Reviews section. 07/09/2020

Chaplaincy – A Risky Business!

The UK Board of Healthcare Chaplaincy would like to invite you to join our first online engagement event that is being held on Tuesday 22nd September at 1.30pm. The theme will be the various aspects of risk that impact on our professional practice. The UKBHC will share what steps it takes to mitigate risk, and looks forward to hearing from you about the areas of risk you experience as healthcare professionals.
The aim is to connect with everyone involved in Healthcare Chaplaincy – not only Chaplains, but also Chaplaincy Support workers; Service Managers and Senior Managers responsible for the strategic development of healthcare chaplaincy.
The event will be hosted via Zoom, and you can register for it here. Please register now. 26/08/2020

Update on the Joint Chaplains Conference in September 2021

You may be aware of plans to hold a joint conference in the Autumn of 2021 (this would involve the CHCC and MHC as well, and is separate to our own arrangements in May). The latest proposal is to scale this back to a non-residential day conference, with online access. This would be more robust, and better able to cope with changes of circumstance between now and then, while still allowing chaplains from the different associations to meet together. We’ll keep you informed as things develop. 26/08/2020

Spiritual Care Snapshots

David Buck has just produced a short series of Spiritual Care snapshots – reflections on different aspects of Palliative Care Chaplancy, with a poem to accompany each one. They simply and vividly capture the essence of the work we do. 21/08/2020

Current vacancies

We have links to several vacancies, mostly hospital-based, including in Carlisle, Hull, Sheffield, Sunderland and Warwick, bands 6 and 7. You can access these via our vacancies page 16/08/2020

Article by Karen and others

Members who are also registered with CHCC may know that the Health and Social Care Chaplaincy journal has produced an issue related to COVID 19 experiences. Karen Murphy has written one of these, ‘Death and Grieving in a Changing Landscape’. You can access this and some of the other contributions here:
Lynn Busfield: Listening on the Outside – Screaming on the Inside;
Nell Cockell – COVID-19 and Grief;
Karen Murphy – Death and Grieving in a Changing Landscape;
Graham Peacock – Mental Health Chaplaincy in the UK During COVID-19.
HSCC 8.2 (2020) 14/08/2020

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