This page contains the Guidelines, Competencies, Standards and code of Conduct which we have helped to set in place and to which we subscribe.

The AHPCC has long been involved in professionalising healthcare chaplaincy.

In 2004, in partnership with Marie Curie, we produced the first spiritual care competencies; these were followed in 2006 by the publication of the first-ever UK chaplaincy standards, which have been substantially adapted by various other bodies.

Today we work in partnership with the UKBHC and other chaplaincy organisations to maintain the quality of service that we provide.


Chaplaincy Guidelines
The AHPCC (2013) and NHS England (2015) Guidelines for employers and managers.

The chaplain’s role and ability to provide spiritual care in hospice and palliative care.

Chaplaincy Standards
The nature and quality of the service that chaplains should provide.

UKBHC Code of Conduct
The Professional Code of Conduct used by the AHPCC, CHCC, NIHCA and SACH.