This page provides a go-to list of publications from Government, NHS, Palliative Care, Professional and Religious bodies.

Most are for information or guidance, or about policy, proposed or actual.  The Standards and Competencies which we are required to comply with are listed under ‘AHPCC Publications’; nevertheless these publications can have considerable impact on our work, and on what is expected of us.
We try to keep it as comprehensive and up-to-date as possible, if you are aware of publications that should be included, please let us know.


Network for Pastoral, Spiritual, and Religious Care in Health (2020) Fit for the Twenty-First Century? The State of Inclusion for Acute NHS Chaplaincy Pastoral, Spiritual and Religious Care Services in England
NHS Scotland Palliative Care Guidelines Undated, as the guidelines are kept current online.


NHS England (2019) Information Governance: NHS Chaplaincy and Non-Religious Pastoral Support – Clarification over data protection and access to records.


Public Health England (2016) Faith at end of life: A resource for professionals, providers and commissioners working in communities


Hospice UK (2015) Care After Death: Guidance for staff responsible for care after death (2nd ed.)
NCPC (2015) What to expect when someone important to you is dying
NHS (2015) Chaplaincy Guidelines 2015: Promoting Excellence in Pastoral, Spiritual & Religious Care

2014 and earlier

National End of Life Care, Dying Matters, University of Nottingham (2014) Planning for your future care
NCPC (2014) Planning for your future care
DoH (2012) First national VOICES survey of bereaved people
NCPC (2012) Commissioning Guidance for Specialist Palliative Care
SPPC (2012) Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief – Information leaflets
DoH (2011) Bereavement care services: a synthesis of the literature
DoH (2011) Spiritual Care at the End of Life: a systematic review of the literature
NICE (2011) Quality Standards for End of Life care
RCN (2011) Spirituality in Nursing Care – a pocket guide
Scot Gov (2011) Shaping Bereavement Care
NES (2010) Spiritual Care Matters – an introductory resource for all NHS Scotland staff
Scot Gov (2009) Spiritual Care and Chaplaincy
DoH (2008) End of life care strategy
NES (2008) Religion and Belief Matter – an information resource for healthcare staff
Scot Gov (2008) Living and Dying Well – a national action plan for Scotland
Collins (2007) NHS Hospital Chaplaincies in a multi-faith society
NES (2007) A Multi-faith Resource for Healthcare Staff