(North Wales, Shropshire, Cheshire, and west of the Pennines up to Cumbria)
Rep: Chris Cheeseman.
Tel: 07803 759865


Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 25th February at Trinity Hospice, Bispham, Blackpool. We’ll be meeting from 12.00 till 3.00. Please contact Chris if you’re planning to attend.

(SW England and South Wales, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Dorset)
Rep: Karen Murphy
Tel: 01934 423900


We have a really good group covering the South-west and South Wales. As well as recent retreats, (overnight at Ammerdown and a recent trip to Somerset) we meet early in the year just for a day, at a location more or less central to us – Weston Super Mare, and previously Taunton. Then most get together at the Conference for another catch up.
Our next meeting will take place at Weston Hospicecare on Monday, February 24th, 10.00am-3.00pm. Contact Karen Murphy for further details on 01934 423900

(Scotland, including the Northern and Western Isles)
Rep: Margery Collin, Strathcarron Hospice, Denny.
Tel: 07921 551885


We have about fifteen active members, with a typical attendance of eight to ten when we meet, three times a year. We take it turns to act as host, and to travel to each other’s hospice or unit, often travelling considerable distances to do so!
Our meetings are usually 10:30 to 3.30, and include a presentation and discussion, time for reflection, resource sharing and peer support.

Dates of future meetings

Wednesday, 3rd June – Roxburghe House, Dundee – to be hosted by Patrick
Tuesday, 8th September – Kilbryde Hospice, East Kilbride – to be hosted by Catherine

Report of the AHPCC Scottish Branch Meeting, held on 3 March 2020 at St Andrew’s Hospice, Airdrie

The Scotland Regional Group met on March 5th at St Andrew’s Hospice, Airdrie. There were just eight of us this time, as two regular members have recently retired from chaplaincy, with several apologies also.
George and Matthew welomed us and, after enjoying some welcome bacon rolls together, we started with a ‘how are we’ update, which as well as providing peer support, led to some useful sharing of resources and ideas.
For the main training input, George Beuken took us through an SBAR of Spiritual Care and Chaplaincy in Independent Scottish Hospices, with a particular attention given to the future of chaplaincy and spiritual care in the Scottish hospices. Among other things, we noted:

(a) The impact of changes in funding for chaplaincy posts;
(b) The need to respond to changes in preferred place of care;
(c) The impact of shorter average stays in hospice;
(d) Increased bereavement support needs, and that
(e) Many serving chaplains are approaching retirement, with the consequent loss of practice experience, and a corresponding need for training and recruitment.

The SBAR might be a useful model for other groups to adapt and use, so we’ve made it available for download: AHPCC Scotland SBAR.
You can also download our responses to the questions in the Assessment section: SBAR Feedback.

We plan to meet next, on Wednesday June 3rd, at Roxburghe House NHS Hospice, Dundee.

(Northern Ireland and Donegal)
Rep: Doreen Draffin, Northern Ireland Hospice, Belfast
Tel: 44 2890 781836


We meet three or four times a year, taking it in turn to act as host. Each meeting begins with a short reflection, followed by a teaching focus, time for discussion and fellowship over a meal.
We last met on 18th June, when we further discussed the topic of spiritual pain, or soul pain. Each of us benefited from an enlightening talk and group discussion. Our next meeting will be in October at Foyle Hospice.