News and publications from the UKBHC and other bodies, including palliative care partnerships, and chaplaincy, professional, or religious organisations.

The AHPCC doesn’t exist in isolation, we are part of the UKBHC and the Chaplaincy Forum, and we also represent hospice and palliative care chaplains in several groups, both in the UK and in Europe.  This page seeks to keep you informed of current developments in the wider world of heatlhcare chaplaincy as well as giving ready access to some back copies.

Latest News

Chaplaincy Forum
  1. The Chaplaincy Forum met on 28th September 2021. The following provides a summary of the meeting:
    The pressures that chaplains, with other staff in health and social care settings, are working under was acknowledged.
  2. We discussed the first meeting of the Steering Group set up by NHS England to guide the process and development of new Chaplaincy guidelines. All agreed it was a positive first meeting and affirmed the importance of this being the writing of new guidelines rather than a rewrite/refresh of existing ones.
  3. Within NHS England and NHS improvements the remit of healthcare chaplaincy sits with the Voluntary Partnerships team who send representatives to the Forum. Representatives from the Voluntary Partnerships team explained more about their role and where they sit within NHS EI:
    – The Voluntary Partnerships Team oversees volunteering (NHS Volunteering Responders) & partnership with VCSE (Voluntary, Community & Social Enterprise) organisations on a national and Integrated Care System level.
    – The Voluntary Partnerships team sits in a team entitled Experience, Participation and Equalities, (this includes Patient Experience Team, Insight and Feedback Team, Equalities Team and Participation Team) which is part of the wider Nursing Division lead by Ruth May.
  4. The Network reported that the first on-line version of their Exploring Healthcare Chaplaincy course for those thinking about volunteering within a pastoral, spiritual and religious healthcare setting was about to start. There had been a good number of diverse applicants with some having to be deferred to the next running in the Spring.
  5. UKBHC fed back about their recent engagement event and noted two new appointments to the Board that brought greater diversity.
Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care (SPPC)

Scotland’s healthcare is similar to the rest of the UK, but structured entirely separately. Scotland has its own NHS, and its own Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care (SPCC), in which the AHPCC is well represented. While the SPPC is concerned with all aspects of palliative care, spiritual care features quite often, and we’ll be publishing links to its bulletins, which are usually published monthly.

European Research Institute for Chaplaincy in Healthcare (ERICH)

The AHPCC works with ERICH, supporting research into spiritual care. This involvement also gives us some helpful insight into the very different models of healthcare chaplaincy that exist throughout Europe. ERICH hosts a Conference every two years, and publishes occasional Newsletters.

Faith in Older People (FiOP)

Faith in Older People is an Edinburgh-based charity that promotes spiritual care for older people. Much of its concern is for dementia and mental health; it also works actively to build links between healthcare services and faith communities, and runs regular training events. We’ll be publishing links to its bulletins, which usually appear every 6-8 weeks.

The Network for Pastoral, Spiritual, and Religious Care in Health (NPSRCH)

The NPSRCH network has just published Fit for the Twenty-First Century?, a report on Inclusion and Equality in NHS Chaplaincy Services. While the findings relate only to NHS England, but they will be of interest elsewhere in the UK, and also to hospices. The report highlights some significant inequalities in the provision of, access to, and recruitment and training for chaplaincy services. Intriguingly, while all the minorities welcomed the report, the Church of England refuses to endorse it.

The NPSRCH network met on 14th July via Zoom, and shared these points:
1. We have had a fantastic response to our “Exploring Healthcare Chaplaincy“ course. Applications have closed early (on 16th July), as we already have filled the first cohort of 45 people and have a waiting list for the next cohort. The course starts in September.
2. We are revising our endorsement document, changing the main content as well as the religion and belief specific sections. This will be circulated in due course.
3. We have a subgroup looking at comments to pass to NHS England about the rewrite of the NHS Chaplaincy guidelines. Once their paper is agreed it will be sent to NHS England.
4. We are pleased to have received a positive response from the UKBHC regarding our report “Fit for the 21st-century?“ We are looking forward to working closely with them to help promote inclusion and diversity in Chaplaincy.
5. We are continuing to monitor job adverts to ensure that there are equal opportunities for Chaplains from different religions and beliefs.

The Chaplaincy Forum met on June 22nd. Points to share from this included:
1. NHS England and NI are forming a Steering group to help develop Chaplaincy Guidelines, and ensure that the external provider will engage with sufficient people. Watch for further opportunities to engage with this.
2. UKBHC Appointment Advisors will shortly be advertising for additional Advisors.
3. We welcomed several new representatives, and offered congratulations to Keith Morrison, the new AHPCC president and to Clare Elcombe Webber, the new NPSRCH vice chair.
4. Discussion about support for those in national chaplaincy leadership positions. The Forum will continue to keep both issues on its agenda.
5. The UKBHC gave feedback on CPD returns. Responses to its consultation were valuable and varied. The Board continues to seek a balance between robustness, and accessibility and realism. Further details to follow.

As of March 2021, The Chaplaincy Forum Terms of Reference are now available

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