Covid-19 News

Please note that this is a record of the updates as they have arisen, and that with rapidly changing circumstances, the earlier ones in particular may have been superseded.

Red Cross (July 2020) Life after lockdown – on loneliness
Poole & Bournemouth NHS (July 2020) Covid employee risk assessment
UK Government – England (July 2020) Places of worship guidance from July 4
UK Government – England (June 2020) Marriage and Civil Partnership ceremonies guidance from June 29
Cambridge University Hospitals (June 2020) Peer to peer support when shielding or locked down
Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care (June 2020) Current Covid-19 guidance.
Chaplaincy in the Covid Crisis (May 2020) A reflection by Keith Anderson, working in care homes.
NHS England (May 2020) Compassionate Visiting Arrangements.
Blood and Transplant update (May 2020) The impact of Covid-19 on blood and organ donation.
The Church of England (April 2020) New dial-in worship phone line.
Vivienne Manley (April 2020) Hope in a Crisis leaflet. (NB you can email Vivienne for free copies)
Muslim Council of Britain (April 2020) Guidance for Ramadan during Covid-19.
The Art of Dying Well (April 2020) Deathbed Etiquette and the coronavirus.
New York Times (April 2020) The men and women who run toward the dying.
Compton Care (April 2020) Funeral advice during coronavirus.
Compton Care (April 2020) When you aren’t able to attend the funeral.
Rainbows Childrens Hospice (April 2020) Covid Comfort Sock Project.
Church of England (April 2020) A simple reflection at home for a funeral you can’t attend.
Humanists UK (April 2020) Finding your strength – worrying and resilience.
The Interfaith Network (March 2020) Faith Communities and Coronavirus.
David Buck (March 2020) Funerals and Social Isolation.
BBC News (March 2020) Coping with Coronavirus anxiety
BMA (March 2020) Ethical guidelines.
Cambridge University Centre for Law, Medicine and Life Sciences (March 2020) Ethics and wider advice.
Vital Talk (March 2020) Playbook on answering questions about Covid-19, Useful but NB the US context.
The Interfaith Network (March 2020) Faith Communities and Coronavirus.
SPPC (March 2020) Covid19 Bulletin
UKBHC (March 2020) Joint Chaplaincy Statement on Covid-19.

Links to news from the world of palliative care and elsewhere

Nursing Times (July 2020) No Healthcare Worker should have to cry alone.
Secret Doctor (December 2019) A Doctor’s Blessing
The Guardian (June 2019) The mindfulness conspiracy
The Guardian (June 2019) What happens to our online identities when we die?
BBC News Website (April 2019) Stop trying to ‘heal’ me
John Swinton (2011) Who is the God we worship: Theologies of Disability; Challenges and New Possibilities
St Clare Hospice Blog (October 2018) Life of a Hospice Chaplain
The Irish Times (September 2017) Hospice Chaplains – All of Life Matters
Church Times (May 2017) No longer undone by death (on Death Cafes)
Huffington Post (March 2016) Chaplains – Health Care’s Undiscovered Assets
The Independent (February 2016) The most common regrets of the dying, according to a palliative care nurse
New York Times (February 2016) Death, the Prosperity Gospel and Me
Law and Religion UK (August 2015) Church Statement on the Assisted Suicide Bill
The Church of England Archbishops Council (August 2015) Bishops’ letter on the Assisted Dying Bill
Church of England Mission and Public Affairs Division and Parliamentary Unit (July 2014) Assisted dying bill – Church of England briefing (July 2014) Assisted suicide – reflections from the Front