New for 2022

‘Lights of Love’ – to Once in Royal David’s City, by David Buck.
‘I believe in Father Christmas’ – Poem, by David Buck.
‘The Memory Box’ – Reading, by David Buck.


Please NB that poems not composed by our own members may take you to different websites.
‘A blessing for absence’ by John O’Donohue, recommended by John Wonnacott
‘And what do you do?’ by David Buck
‘All in the end is harvest’ by Agnes Whitaker, recommended by Dawn Allan
‘Autumn house-cleaning’ by Milton Crum
‘Downsizing’ by Milton Crum
‘Faces’ by David Buck
‘Honest words’ by David Buck
‘Hospice communion’ by David Buck
Hospice poetry selection 2013 Conference poetry workshop
‘Lament’ by David Buck
‘No poetry’ by David Buck
‘Not speaking of God’ by David Buck
‘Beannacht / Blessing (On the day when the weight deadens’ by John O’Donohue, recommended by John Wonnacott
‘Some day, life will get prada aaa man handbags 731264 better’ by Larry S. Chengges, recommended by Dawn Allan
‘The Mask’ by Dianna Brendle, recommended by David Vonberg
‘The Sunday after Ascension’ by David Lyall, from Andy Edmeads
‘The Way of things’ by Tom Gordon
‘The Well of Grief’ by David Whyte, recommended by Keith Morrison
‘The World will be Different’ by David Buck
‘This is the time to be slow’ by John O’Donohue, recommended by John Wonnacott
‘This time’ by David Buck
‘When things don’t fit’ and other poems by David Buck
Weston Poems submitted by Karen Murphy


For memorial events

Prayers These prayers have been used at memorial events.

Commendatory prayers

Commendatory Prayers by David Buck. NB ready-to-print A5 format
Commendatory Prayers and readings by Mike Rattenbury. NB ready-to-print format
Roman Catholic prayers for the dying submitted by Vanessa Appleton.

Other prayers

The following prayers have been submitted by AHPCC members.
‘Sometimes I need…’ by Dawn Allan
‘When it’s our time’ by Dawn Allan
‘When the past crowds in’ by Dawn Allan


Suggested hymns This is a list of hymns known to have been used in memorial events.

The following are hymns that have been composed by AHPCC members

specifically for memorial events, and set to well-known tunes.
‘Lights of Love’ by Judy Davies
‘Names remembered, lives recalling’ by Judy Davies
‘The Day of our Epiphany’ by Tom Gordon
‘The Faces of God’ a Trinity Sunday hymn by Tom Gordon
‘We bring our thanks’ by Judy Davies
‘We come with thanks to celebrate’ by Judy Davies

Tom Gordon has also written some Advent hymns, which may be of use for Light Up A Life events

‘Christ is coming (for Advent 1)’ by Tom Gordon
‘Prepare the way (for Advent 1)’ by Tom Gordon
‘I waited patiently (for Advent 2)’ by Tom Gordon
‘We gather here at Advent time (for Advent 2)’ by Tom Gordon
‘Good Joseph (for Advent 3)’ by Tom Gordon
‘The Advent journey (for Advent 3)’ by Tom Gordon
‘Nearer, nearer (for Advent 4)’ by Tom Gordon
‘Please come with me to Bethlehem (for Advent 4)’ by Tom Gordon

We’ve also had some new songs recommended to us from Jubilate Hymns

Click on the links for both the lyrics and live recordings. Worth a listen!
‘Oh sisters and brothers’ by Joel Payne, (c)
‘There’s a time for tears’ by Sam Hargreaves, (c)