We enjoyed our first online conference, Reframing Spiritual Care in a Palliative Setting: Responding to Changing Times, last month, and we’re now awaiting the evaluation sheets to learn from the respoonse.  If you attended, we hope you enjoyed the content and we look forward, hopefully, to seeing you in person next year.  Thanks again to everyone who participated, not only for the presentations themselves, but also for agreeing to allowing us to share them; these are all now uploaded and available below.  You can download the slides or documents, or (for the first time this year) look at the video footage – clicking on links will take you to our new YouTube site, AHPCC UK. 3/6

2021 Conference Presentations

Day 1

ERICH Covid Research Project – Karen Murphy: Slides and Video

Reflections on Lockdown 1 – video snapshots Video

Changing Times: Challenge or Opportunity? – Heather Richardson: Slides and Video

Soul Nourishment – Bob Whorton: Poems and Video

Day 2

Six Poems – David Buck: Poems and Video

Reflections on Lockdown 1 – video snapshots Video

Spiritual Care in Covid: a Doctor’s Perspective’ – Max Watson: Slides and Video

Soul Nourishment – Tom Gordon: Video

2021 Conference paperwork

2021 Conference Poster

2021 Conference Booking Form

2021 Conference Invitation

2021 Conference Timetable.

2021 Speaker Profiles.

2021 AGM Notification.

To contact the organisers, email conferenceorganiser@ahpcc.org.uk
Video Submissions for the Conference

We plan to show some short (3 minute) videos of chaplaincy experiences during the Covid pandemic. If you can help with this, email Mike (AHPCC Editor) to arrange this (please don’t try to email video files!). To allow time for video editing, please submit these a.s.a.p. and no later than May 1st!